Municipality Car Seat Recycling Solution


About 90% of car seat sold in the U.S. end up in the landfill or incinerated. Chances are your product is disposed the same way.

A recent study from Nielsen reveals that U.S. consumers in general and millennials in particular prefer sustainable products over conventional ones. In fact, 75% of millennials and 34% of baby boomers are willing to pay more for products that are environmentally friendly, safe and socially responsibly made.

While consumers used to compare safety car seat based on price, size, features and ease of use, being able to provide a responsible end of life solutions to the used, broken car seat is becoming a key differentiating factor.

Our nationwide car seat recycling solution is the perfect incentive program: enticing consumers to select your product by allowing them to recycle their old car seat for free.

In addition, we offer closed loop recycling option where recovered plastic can be re-integrated into the manufacturing of other products such as kids’ furniture.  


Municipality Car Seat Recycling Solution

Municipality car seat recycling program

Whether you are a municipality, a hospital, a corporation, or a caritative organization who wants to organize a used car seat collection event to provide consumers with a convenient way to bring back old and broken car seats to be recycled, we have a solution for you.

Our comprehensive car seat recycling solution includes: helping you promote the event, staging one or more trailers during the event, providing clear standard operating procedures for your employees to store and load the car seats into the truck, transportation to one of our recycling outlets, recycling of the materials, tracking, and reporting.

Being able to consolidate the car seats allows us to provide the service at a discounted rate, that you can either fund or pass to the consumers. 90% of car seats sold in the US end up in the landfill or are incinerated, perpetuating plastic pollution and accelerating environmental degradation. Be part of the solution.

Implement a municipality car seat recycling in your community now.